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Hercules: conceived and designed for applications in all technical textile fields. A perfect combination of mechanical characteristics and functionality for greater profitability.


 The unique Panter insertion system allows positive or negative rapier changeover simply and quickly, guaranteeing Hercules the greatest flexibility, optimising overall machine performance.


Electronic control

A powerful, reliable electronic control and command system, with double processor, drives the multi-axis machine architecture and manages all the different motorised devices.

Production of heavy texiles

Production of extremely heavy textiles is made possible thanks to an exceptionally stiff structure and reinforced sley, ensuring high beating power, up to 10,000 N/m. The new shed with wider reed stroke reduces the shed contraction effect, increasing the achievable cover factor limit.  


Kinematic mechanism 

A distinctive feature of Hercules, the matchless Panter kinematic mechanism with a reduced rapier extra run (stroke), means the weft can be controlled perfectly at the end of the insertion cycle, guaranteeing a weaving width of up to 5.5 metres, high efficiency and absolute textile quality.