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A traditional insertion system which make the possibility to set the machine for negative or positive rapier.
This has made it possible to reach fundamental goals, including easier weaving of very different articles, in term of weight and density. The greater operating flexibility thanks to positive rapier available for all machines.

Home textile

Thanks to the characteristics of the rapier drive’s mechanism, Panter is the only manufacturer on the market offering a negative and positive rapier insertion system.
The must bigger range of article production especially where requested insertion of special fancy yarn also. 

Heavy fabric

Production of extremely heavy textiles is made
possible thanks to an exceptionally stiff structure  and reinforced sley, ensuring high beating power, up to 10,000 N/m. The new shed with wider reed stroke reduces the shed contraction effect, increasing the achievable cover factor limit.


Based on an extremely solid yet equally manageable structure,
the unique insertion system, with a choice of positive or negative rapier, guarantees an incomparable ability to work each weft yarn, with yarn counts from 10 up to 48,000 dTex, in single or multiple insertions. The warp to fabric path uses devices that are perfectly suited to ensure the machine’s maximum flexibility and precision with both extremely heavy and dense fabrics or with rigid and low-density yarns.

Wide weaving

A distinctive feature of Hercules, the matchless
Panter kinematic mechanism with a reduced
rapier extra run (stroke), means the weft can be
controlled perfectly at the end of the insertion cycle, guaranteeing a weaving width of up to 5.5 metres, high efficiency and absolute textile quality.