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Coil - Astral Disaster herunterladen Darsteller: Coil
Titel: Astral Disaster
Stil: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient
Etikett: Not On Label
Land: UK
FLAC album: 1010 mb
MP3 album: 1316 mb
Bewertung: 4.4
Genre: Elektronische


1I Don't Want To Be The One
2The Avatars
32nd Son Syndrome
4The Sea Priestess
5The Mothership And The Fatherland


Handsprayed cover with pasted insert, artwork mostly identical to the LP edition on Prescription including a small painting and an insert.Limited to 99 copies available only by series subscription. It's packaged in a plain black
sleeve with a title sticker signed and numbered by Balance and Christopherson. It includes an insert with the track listing and release notes, and a piece of handmade artwork in a plastic zip-lock bag.

There is also a limited edition of 14 "Promo" copies with sleeve and artwork and with 2 inserts (this time written "Promo edition of 14 copies") and the same insert with the track listing and release notes as the "regular" edition.
This edition is listed here:
Coil - Astral Disaster (Promo Friends Edition) LP

There's also a white label test press listed here:
Coil - Astral Disaster (White Label Test Press) LP

Later reissued in a modified form on CD & LP.Reissue on transparent yellow vinyl. 1000 copies pressed.

Audio taken from the original masters.
Comes with original sleeve artwork and insert with facsimile signatures of John Balance and Peter Christopherson.Issued in a Digipak with black tray.

[On inner panel:]
This album was recorded in two days at Samhain 1998ev under the level of the River Thames in the Ancient Borough of Southwark.

[On back cover:]
This album was originally released in a different form on the Prescription label in an edition of 99 vinyl copies.
Thanks to Gary Ramon & DJ, William Breeze, Jeremy Reed, Jon Whitney, Julian Cope, Fr. Perdurabo, Ray Russell, Louise Weasel & Vivian Stainer, Louise Buxton, Steve Thrower & Simon Norris, Rose McDowall & Robert Lee.
This album is dedicated to Steven Stapleton & David Michael Tibet, with love.
via World Serpent, Unit 717, Seager Buildings, Brookmill Road, London SE8 4HL, UK

[On spine:]
A Threshold House release via World Serpent. Made in England.


Or consider a donation More Albums. Released January 1999. 2018 electronic. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. Relase date: January 01, 1999. Listen album. The Ape of Naples. is composed of 3 lengthy minimal pieces, 2 short synth pieces and 1 short song which further explore lunar magick. View All. Complete your Coil 1999 5 Songs. Coil - Astral Disaster - 05 I Don't Want to be the One 5:50. Threshold House 2. Astral Disaster Tracklist. Labels Acme Records Threshold House Prescription. Notes: This version of the album was released on vinyl only, in 2000 an updated version of this album was Disaster Sessions UnFinished Musics - Coil. Исполнитель: Coil. The Sea Priestess . Album Name Astral Disaster. 50 видео Воспроизвести все Микс Coil - Disaster is a studio album by Coil, originally released in January 1999 on AcmePrescription, reissued in 2000 on Threshold House, and then reissued in 2017 through AcmePrescription. Astral Disaster Sessions UnFinished Musics. Band Name Coil. Astral Disaster tracks. Media: Album. Genre: Dark Ambient. Coil - Astral Disaster - 02 The Mothership & the Fatherland 22:27. The Sea Priestess 1999 5 Songs. Listen Zur Liste hinzufügen. Complete your Coil collection. Notes: This version of the album was released on vinyl only, in 2000 an updated version of this album was Disaster is a studio album by Coil, originally released in January 1999 on AcmePrescription, reissued in 2000 on Threshold House, and then reissued in 2017 through AcmePrescription. Coil - Astral Disaster 1999. MY FAV BANDS & ALBUMS von ruiraiox. Dark Ambient Coil. LOCI CD14. Electronic 1999. Released date January 1999. Type Album. Complete your Coil Disaster. I Don't Want to Be the One . Format: Audio CD. Electronic Disaster. Musick to Play in the Dark. Label: Threshold House. Notes: This version of the album was released on vinyl only, in 2000 an updated version of this album was free to Coil Astral Disaster The Sea Priestess, Second Son Syndrome and more. Coil The Sea Priestess Vinyl Version 14:34. ProductionGenre: Acme-Prescription. Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2008. While possessing a similar aesthetic to other late 90's Coil like Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 1, Astral Disaster is more ambient, smooth, vague and dreamlike. Unfortunately, this album still sounds unfinished to me and is no where near as enthralling as the album recorded after this one, Music to Play in the Dark Vol. 5 tracks 48:20. Exclusive discount for Prime members. Second Son Syndrome . The Avatars . The Mothership and the Fatherland . Listen free to Coil Astral Disaster The Sea Priestess, Second Son Syndrome and more. Coil - Astral Disaster - 04 The Sea Priestess 14:14. Band: Coil Album: Astral Disaster. Coil - Astral Disaster - 06 MÜ-ÜR 22:44. 50 видео Воспроизвести все Микс Disaster is a studio album by Coil, originally released in January 1999 on AcmePrescription, reissued in 2000 on Threshold House, and then reissued in 2017 through AcmePrescription. To favorites 4 Download album. Sample this album Artist Sample. Horse Rotorvator. Astral Disaster CD, Album, RE, Unofficial. Astral Disaster. 50 видео Воспроизвести все Микс : Coil Album: Astral Disaster. Coil - Astral Disaster - 03 2nd Sun Syndrome 4:18. Astral Disaster Sessions UnFinished Musics - Coil

Kommentare: (33)
Sometimes records are dirty from the pressing plant and need a good cleaning. Has anyone found an improvement to the pops and crackle on the yellow vinyl version after doing a wet cleaning?
Bought the yellow vinyl at boomkat - it is a terrible pressing, clicks and pops all the way through the record. The staff at boomkat was very friendly; because it would have been too expensive sending the record back to england (from germany), they sent me a mp3 release of their catalogue for free. Now I bought the cd of lion production and it sounds great. I'll never play the record again, but the cd runs all the time...
Strange... I got previous pressing on black vinyl and it's absolutely listenable. There are couple of clicks and pops here and there but nothing beyond average. My advice: try to get black vinyl edition or wait for CD.
Norman records has the yellow as well right now. They will remove the record from the sleeve upon request which is one of the reasons I buy from them unlike Juno who refuse to do so and I ended up with damaged sleeves. Norman will also package in an extra strong mailer for a small fee. Link to their packaging:
Yellow vinyl is up at Boomkat right now. Most likely won't last too long. BTW, does anyone know the pressing info for these Yellow Vinyl represses? I just bought one myself.
Threshold House version is different mix than original prescription release
An official reissue, limited to 500 copies is currently available at various stores!! Act fast.
I don't think it's a Boomkat exclusive so I'm sure other stores will have copies over the coming days...I also don't think there was a 1 per customer policy which is a shame, as it would be easy enough for someone to drop a few hundred in the hope of resale.
so i wake up and think OH HELL YES i finally get a chance at this album! guess not. i get that Coil is massively collectible, etc., but for the love of god it would be great to see some represses that aren't sold out in minutes. MAYBE RUN A FEW MORE COPIES NEXT TIME. you think Jhonn and Sleazy would have LIKED to see their work scalped at massive prices instead of it being appreciated by more fans?
Arabella V.
I got mine from them. I knew it would be gone by the time I clicked.. but I made it. A minute later, GONE
Boomkat sold out in under 5 minitues. By the time i went CLICK on the order was gone! What a laugh riot!
This album is a true work of art. It really illustrates Coil's genius and demonstrates how Coil constantly pushed the boundaries of what music is and how it could effect the listener on deeper and deeper levels; with each piece of work they created.
Side A sounds okay. Maybe a bit flat. Same on side B, but with a few extra staticky moments. Not all of the copies are as bad as some have reported, but they all seem to have some sort of an imperfection. Consider it a risky purchase.
Very poor sound, it sounds like what you would imagine a bootleg would sound like. Low volume, poor fidelity and lots of crackles. Filed and not in a rush to spin again...what a pisser!
Yellow vinyl - absolutely terrible pressing - avoid! Just not worth listening to as is.
The Sinners from Mitar
Really disappointing quality. All kinds of crackle and pop, and strange surface noise, sounds (much) worse than MP3s.
I'm really astonished by the bad quality of the yellow pressing. Surface noise during A-side, louder than the recording. A shame !
Bought a copy today, I really can't complain about surface noise mostly, just a little crackle towards the end of the A side, and a couple very subtle pops on the B side - nothing out of the ordinary for any record. I guess I got lucky. Dynamically I would say it doesn't sound the best, but it's alright - it's good enough that if you're not hyper focused on it's fidelity you'll still get sucked into the music. I saw the bad reviews before I bought this in a shop - the gamble paid off.
Just picked up a copy. There are a lot more crackles and pops on this record than I like so I will be returning it. The music is very minimalist, so any little imperfection in the vinyl is made very audible if you have a high res system. They really need to stop pressing on colored vinyl. It's a sales gimmick plain and simple. I really want this album on vinyl and they know that, even to where I'm willing to go against my rule of not to buy colored vinyl and take the chance just to hear this album and shell out $25 only to be let down again. JUST PRESS IT ON BLACK VINYL!!! Translucent is always the worse in my opinion I've returned 50+ records over the last year because of shit surface noise on translucent vinyl, I can care less about color vinyl! I will not be fooled again. And don't feel bad that I didn't get a good copy. I always buy from the same store and have no problem getting my money back. Cheers to those who got a good copy, I ain't gonna try a second time.
Colour of vinyl isn't the problem, coloured vinyl pressed well sounds absolutely fine. The issue lies with either poor quality vinyl pellets used for the colour, or a problem with the stampers themselves.
I just received my copy, and it's nearly flawless as well. I heard an occasional subtle crackle and maybe a light pop or two, but that's pushing it. The music is absolutely mindblowing, I couldn't help but to play it a second time immediately following the first. The mastering sounds good to me also, crisp and clear with lots of space. Sorry to hear that some of you have issues. For what it's worth, I pre-ordered mine from Light in the Attic in the US.
Very sorry to hear (or read) your comments about this pressing. Luckily, my copy in this beautiful yellow vinyl sounds almost perfect, appart from the normal and very occasional cracks due to possible dust spots on its surface accumulated while playing. So very happy with this release, but stranged about hearing that most of you are experienced problems. I bought it on boomkat, if it could help you.
does anyone know if the black vinyl version sounds also that bad?
Ok finally played my yellow copy. Side A is pretty much perfect, but side B is full of terrible, various types of noise. A real shame. Will try clean it properly but from what i can tell at this stage it seems part of the pressing.Perhaps the stampers were not cleaned after the first run of black copies were pressed?
I bought a couple of black copies as a precaution against dodgy pressing issues and found only one had any real audio issues, and they were pretty minor.Interested to hear what has changed with the yellow pressing now, as it should be the same stampers. perhaps the quality of the yellow vinyl pellets used for this pressing were bad? Will try my yellow one when I can to check.
Audio Disaster - more like it. Please to change title.
Now that is funny! Just ordered, so we will see how much free pop and crack I get.
Totally dissapointed with this release. This is now the Worst (new) pressing i own. Cleaned and Cleaned and still the caucophony of crackling is beyond acceptable. My Russian bootleg of The Ape Of Naples sounds like it was crafted by the vinyl gods themselves in comparison to this sh*t! The Muzak is sublime, but i cant even listen to this....a sucker born every minitue people!!!!
I am disappointed. The music is utter bliss and perfection. This vinyl pressing, however, is not. The stylus sways left and right in the unsteadily cut grooves, which produce reoccurring noise like a stick dragged through sand. Even after thorough cleaning, this doesn't sound truly better.A shame.Just to make sure, I tried another copy at the local record store, which suffered from the same problem, although in different parts of the disc. Will there be a black reissue, too?
Great sales technique! Release an unlistenable vinyl LP that channels the punters towards your limited edition CD!!! Ever felt like you've been had... ???
Hope so! This was a pointless release...if you cant listen to it. Its like being a collector of Broken Cars.....everyone has an opinion on Bootleg Vs Official...but my slightly warped Threshold Bootleg of this album is better than this!!! Not much bass, but at least the crackling isnt louder than Jhon's voice!
Hm. That's a shame. Vinyl is to be listened to not to hang on a wall or collect dust on a shelf. Maybe one day there will be another re-release, a decent, listenable one.
The pressing quality is indeed not very good. This is a collectors item only, If you just want to listen to the music, download this from and make yourself a cd. At least on retailer here in Europe says that there will be a cd version too. So this could solve the problem for those who want the prescription edition as a regular release and not as a download only.